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The original vision for this shoot was to be all green, however once we got to the studio I decided to shift gears a bit. The start of the shoot would represent a darker, more serene mood, and then we would transition into a more airy feel with the images on white.

I photographed the girls with a large softbox as a backdrop in order to get a little bit of light to wrap around their bodies, which was fun as this is a completely different style from what I normally shoot.

Derricius styled the models in vintage clothing from Kynard Korner Vintage Clothing Boutique, and added some leafy greens to give an earthiness to the outfits. And of course, butterflies.


Camryn Missilidne
Lauryn Dail

Lisa Smith

Hair and Makeup:
Derricius Chambers


Check out Lisa's mood board for her collaboration shoot right here.

"Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly."

We are often the one person that holds ourselves back. Our wings are there, we simply need the confidence to use them. Take inspiration from the butterfly - how they grow into something beautiful and free through a vulnerable transition. We can do the same.

Be changed. Be beautiful. Be free.

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Montgomery, Alabama

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