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This collaboration has been in the making for months. In January I brought this concept to the girls and everyone signed on instantly.

With the models on board I approached a local salon that we frequent for hair and makeup for my shoots. They were so excited about this idea and had 4 stylists creating their own style boards based off of my Pinterest board.

Jami jewelry was excited to share her personal collection for the shoot, and even added more to it after seeing what each girl planned to wear.

We chose the location for its timeless appearance: the campus at the University of Iowa with its big walkways and light-colored stone buildings. We were also fortunate to be able to borrow a 1966 Chevelle from Emily's (one of our stylists) dad. He has had this car since he was 15! He has fully restored it and only takes it out once a year and this time just for us.


Ella Francis
Allie Harvey
Maddy Luegering
Maggie Towler
Nicole Fitzpatrick
Peyton Brady
Moriah Phillips
Kendra Eller

Ivy Towler

Stylists (from Salon Ludic):
Sarah Davis
Emily Armstrong
Madison Hamer
Jaylinn Tresslar


Check out Ivy's mood board for her collaboration shoot right here.

A forgotten decade in fashion, the 1960's was a brilliant transition between the prim and proper 50's to the wild and zany 70's. A perfect blend of sweet and sassy that just hasn't been given it's dues so we are here to show you that it was the perfect decade and should be brought back! If you take the time to read about the 60's you will see it was a deep cultural change for women in the home and the workplace.

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