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While looking at some of the images from a session with Katie in early July, I noticed that she looked an awful lot like Courtney Cox from Friends in a particular series of images. So, together with friends Kenzie and Livi, we set out to recreate some of the looks from Friends. 90s styles are making a comeback this year, so it wasn't too hard to find outfits that fit the bill. I partnered with a local boutique to style the girls for the out and about image on the street, as well as Livi's coffee shop outfit.

Note: Kenzie's 'Girls' t-shirt is a shirt worn by Rachel in one of the episodes of Friends.


Katie Gilstorf
Kenzie Roccia
Livi Snyder

Rob Upton

KatyLoo Boutique (all dresses, and Livi's coffee shop outfit)
Forever 21 (Katie's and Kenzie's coffee shop outfits)

Check out more from Rob Upton:

Fort Mill, South Carolina


There's an image in this series that I like from the local coffee shop. It was a moment I captured of all 3 of the girls looking at their phones as they were waiting for me get set up. I felt it was a great example of the 90's meets 2018!

Editing: I brought the images into Lightroom and applied a Kodak Portra 400VC filter to give them somewhat of a 90's film look. The result is somewhat 'grainy' and contrast-y.

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